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Rental Checklist

When you’re looking for somewhere to live, take your time when you go to view each property.  Whilst you might immediately fall in love with it, do make sure you ask questions of the landlord or managing agent in order to avoid encountering any problems later.

  • Look at the external condition of the property – are the gutters and drainpipes free of plants or debris? Have a look at security – do the windows and doors have enough locks, do they open freely?
  • Look at the general condition of the property inside – does it look well maintained and looked after?
  • Ask to see all the safety certificates – gas, EPC etc.
  • Check the rental costs – what does the rent include?
  • Are there additional bills/costs – what are the details?
  • What is the notice period to end the tenancy?
  • If it’s not being fully managed by an agent, who should you contact in an emergency?
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