Guide to first time renting properties in SW London and Surrey

When you’re looking for somewhere to rent for the first time, it might seem a little bit daunting. At Goodfellows our staff are friendly and experienced and able to offer you advice and help to find a suitable property that you can eventually call home.


Our guide will help you get started.


The most important thing to start with is getting your finances in order.  You need to look at how much money you have available for rent and then allow for additional costs such as set up regular outgoings. Planning for these will make it easier when you find the property of your choice.


You will need to have your first month’s rent and your deposit ready prior to move in, as rents are always paid 1 month in advance. At Goodfellows we always take a minimum of 5 weeks deposit.


If you have never rented before and do have appropriate references, you may need a guarantor – often you can use a parent or a guardian. 

Regular outgoings

These will include your monthly rent, council tax, utilities (including water rates) and telephone or broadband rental.

Make a note of all these costs and an expected total of your additional outgoings including food, clothes and entertaining and make sure you can afford your rent.

Affordability Calculator

If you require help to see if you can afford a property then try our useful affordability calculator.

You can also check out the government's How To Rent: The Checklist For Renting In England.

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