Meet two of our apprentices

TillyTilly – Business Administrator – Lettings

“I found the role whilst looking for jobs online as I didn’t really want to go to university.   I was previously at a 6th Form College studying my A-levels Media, Art & Travel and tourism. I started working at Goodfellows in September 2014. I like being an apprentice as I get really good training and get to learn everything about the role and aspects of other people’s job roles, as well as getting qualifications from it.  I have enjoyed learning the job as it is all new to me, I have enjoyed meeting everyone in the company and interacting  with the tenants and landlords to help them out.”

Mia Mia – Business Administrator – Head Office

"I  have been promoted from Business Administrator to Facilities Administrator and the role has grown already. I enjoy the variety of work and can be working on anything from dealing with company cars, organising spreadsheets, adding properties to the website to assisting with HR issues and accounts.  Feedback from my colleagues is always positive and the apprenticeship has given her the confidence to take on more work and responsibility.  I have developed new skills to include providing full administrative support which means I am now attending meetings and taking minutes. I am also responsible with updating all the social media platforms for the marketing team.  I have almost completed my folder of work and expects to receive my qualification in the summer."

Apprenticeships – where you can learn and earn

There are many complaints about Generation Y – those born after 1980 – about their difficulties in finding employment despite a CV as long as their arm and qualified to their eyeballs.  The truth of the matter is that however qualified on paper someone is, their ability to have a conversation, to interact with people and their outlook will often outweigh the qualifications.

Unless you’re walking into your family run business, it’s always been hard to get a job.  You have to get out there and meet people, communication and genuine hard work do pay off, together with a bit of luck at the right time.

It’s regularly said that you make a first impression once, we take a staggeringly tiny three seconds to evaluate someone – how they present and hold themselves, whether they are able to shake your hand confidently, look you in the eye and smile – will make all the difference.

Youth unemployment is high – according to recent figures nearly 17% of 16-24 year old are currently jobless.  Employers will always look for highly qualified applicants, but above all, also need the personal skills that mean applicants can interact and communicate successfully.

I wonder how coincidental it is that whilst exam results have soared, 66% of us believe that manners appear to be in steep decline – a fact that was recorded by the Government’s recent state-of-the-nation survey.  The report went on to say that “the traditional 21-year cycle of learning and preparation for the world of work is not quite preparing people for the reality of life in modern organisations – resulting in lower productivity for business and frustrating starts for young people.”

This is where apprenticeships come in, young people are given a chance with organisations who take part in the scheme.  They provide a job and training, giving the employee chance to learn and the employer chance to help the next generation.

Goodfellows currently has three apprentices, aged between 19 and 22.  Speaking to them all, it was clear that they are enjoying their roles and feedback from their line managers is also as encouraging.

It’s good for Goodfellows too – employing young keen people, who are able to be trained in the way of the company; they can see different aspects of the business and find a role that they can grow in and develop personally. If you would like to find out more, then visit the vacancies page on the website.

Goodfellows Apprenticeship Scheme


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